HP ENVY 4500 Driver Download


HP ENVY 4500 Driver Download

The HP Envy 4500 is a position of the safety black box, somewhat taller than the Envy 120, yet more attentive than its principle sub-£49 contenders. It does this by utilizing a comparative, two-cartridge print motor, with dark and tri-shading cartridges. It was created and designed with the machine is simpler to maintain, but it can bring ink wastage, in the event that you are printing a large one shading. The 1,200ppi flatbed scanner has no Automatic Document Feed (ADF), which you wouldn’t expect on this class of machine, however, the top is significant and stays away from the unique finger impression eager, polished complete of prior models.

With the supervisor, a sharply raked in facia in front has a 50 mm LCD Display set into it. This is unordinary in a passage level across the board, however, HP has streamlined by utilizing a mono LCD. This isn’t as confining as it may appear. Despite the fact that you can’t see the thumbnails of the photos, the printer has no USB or card openings, so there is little need. The front board creases down and winds up noticeably both encourage and yield plate, utilizing the swing-out and top layer of help at the front edge of the plate is essentially the same as thinking of Canon FastFront here. It can take A4 sheets and photograph paper down to 15 x 10cm. Pivoting up the best scanner area gives great access to the twin cartridges, which slide forward into their holder and are held set up by two flip-over levers. On the back it has the solitary USB attachment, however, very many people will interface with a remote, as it offers access to Wireless direct printing from mobile phones, including both Android and iOS through AirPrint.

HP rates the Envy 4500 at 8.8ppm in mono and 5.2ppm in shading, both respectable paces. We got someplace close to the mono speed, with our 20-page test giving 7.7ppm, however, the more common five-page archive just gave 5.3ppm. Our five-page, shading test came in at 2.3ppm. All things being equal, speeds were practically identical to a portion of the machine’s principal rivals. Duplex print, which is standard on the engine delivers decent speeds 3.9 sides for anytime, then the word should be said in terms of the design of the HP Print. As a rule draft print truly is appropriate for inner drafts which you will increase before altering. Here, however, it’s nearby in quality to typical mode print and could without much of a stretch be utilized as the default setting for general work. Print speed in draft mode is just hardly speedier than typical – we quantified it at 7.9ppm – however there is probably some ink utilize sparing too. An A4 duplicate took 48 seconds, which isn’t especially snappy, and 15 x 10 cm photographs took around 1 minute 20 seconds, which is reasonable.

Print quality is by and large great, with sharp, thick dark content and brilliant, full shading illustrations. There was some slight banding in shading fills discernible from our test machine and the printer, as with numerous HP machines, has the irritating propensity for decreasing duplex pages by around 10 percent in the estimate. Utilizing the XL variant of the two cartridges, page costs turn out at 4.5p for mono and 9.8p for shading, both of which are on the high side, notwithstanding at a printer in this cost go.

HP ENVY 4500 Driver Download

HP ENVY 4500 Driver Download

It is strongly recommended that prior to using the device HP (Hewlett-Packard) to check the drivers installed. Please Download at the web hpsupportdrivers.com the web because it provides drivers that are relatively easy to download and free of viruses and malware because the driver files that we provide directly taken from the site a large database of HP.

Compatible Operating System:

  • For Windows 7 (32bit – 64bit)
  • For Windows 8, 8.1 (32bit – 64bit)
  • For Windows XP (32bit – 64bit)
  • For Windows Vista (32bit – 64bit)
  • For Mac OS X
  • For Linux

Note: the guide or Download the installation procedure:

  1. click the download Link that appears on the table. and save the file in the folder that you have specified.
  2. next double click on the .exe file is downloaded. and it will be automatically compressed and the instructions on the monitor screen will be displayed.
  3. Follow the instructions that are given to show the program to install the software to finish to finish.

HP ENVY 4500 Driver Download

Driver Download

Operating System
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP 32bit
Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 32bit
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP 64bit
Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 64bit
Mac OS X

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